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FLORENS KIOSK Trailer  is a Kiosk on Towing Trailer yet to be set up. Suitable for itinerant sales of ice creams, hot dogs, crepes, bars, sandwiches, fruit bars, breweries, lemon bars, etc., but also perfect for hotels, restaurants, clubs that want to offer a service to their customers outside. It is also available in the FIXED version on PALLET or on Wheels, with considerable savings since the Homologated Trailer part is not necessary.




Il Chiosco è costruito in Vetroresina ed è montato su Carrello traino Omologato e può essere trainato con una auto, esattamente come una piccola Roulotte.





It is the perfect solution for those bars, or hotels or restaurants, who want to offer an external service to customers in a truly original way.



The Fiberglass Kiosk opens in 2 parts. This Basic Version is supplied in White color and Includes:

  •     Approved trolley 750 kg, kiosk weight on trolley 330 kg.
  •     Electric opening with hydraulic piston
  •     Sink with tap, and clinical lever.
  •     Garbage discharge.
  •     Electrical Plant with 6 sockets + control unit + external socket.
  •     NR ° - 2 spotlights for internal lighting.
  •     Electric water system including pump and 2 tanks for clear and waste water.
  •     NR ° - 2 Shelves + coin drawer.
  •     Bottle holder with 2 shelves.

Are excluded:

  •     Transport costs for the Delivery
  •     Truck registration costs (Targa)
  •     Additional lighting system
  •     Any changes requested by the customer
  •     Specific equipment such as Fridge, Stoves, Plates, Fryers etc.

If you do not have to use this kiosk in an itinerant way, but only in a Fixed Place, it is possible to obtain a substantial saving with the FIXED version on Pallet or the version with small wheels for short push movements. Contact +39 348 3887456 or +39 345 5055803 for information.

Compared to a tricycle, it has the advantage that it can be easily moved over long distances, but is heavier when manually pushed and cannot always enter where traffic is prohibited or in parks.

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