The  HOT DOG CARTS, are Street Food Solutions  with excellent profitability, compared with a reasonable cost and a High Return on Investment.

These can be very useful for those who already have a Bar or a Pub and wants to offer an outside service to customers using it as  Exterior Workbench and simultaneously to intrigue people, luring them.

A Hot Dog Cart is one of the Simple and Profitable Solution as Street Food carts. Our series of Hot Dog Bike Cart with Speedy Workbench is based on simplicity and lightness. We realized a
Small Version Tricycle , an XL version a little bigger, and a bike trailer, which is a real Hot Dog Cooking Cart, towable with any Velocipede.




These  Hot Dog Speedy Carts, don't have heavy and complicated equipment, but a simple Steamer and a Fridge that runs with Gas Cartridges (like camping) or 220V (if you have a 220v plug nearby).


To simplify the way in your  work, it would be useful to cook WURSTEL purchased already pre-cooked (keeping them in Bain Marie to finish cooking).

You can also roast on a plate or on a pan (with the Camping Stove supplied, or on a little Oven with Grill but, at that point, you  will need a gas Plant
with LPG cylinder and Cook machinery , which will be optional, to make even more tasty hotdog baked in Water Bain Marie. You can add by yourself  these Machinery in the Cart. The Perfume .... you know .... attracts customers Hungry !!!

However, if you decide to add the extra equipment, it will be important to choose models workin g withLPG gas. The  electric ones consume too much energy and you can not feed them with batteries. So either alcohol or gas.




If you can find the right location to base yourself with Your cart, profitability and return on investment  will be really interesting. A sale of 1 hotdog sandwich and 1 Drink can make an earning about 3,5 € / 4 € on average.

For example, by placing you near a Large School or University, at the moment of greatest flow of students (interval or lunch break), you could  sell a 80 sandwiches in 1 or 2 hours. So make You the calculation about How Much can produce a Little Hot Dog Cart  (€ 3.5 x 80 = 280 €) with this simplistic calculation, 
we can already say that, if you will find the right situation / Location (and this depends only by you), In about 1 month you could amortize the investment.

Taking into account that you could move it in the afternoon in front of another school or park, and in the evening in an area frequented by young people (for example a disco or a Pub, for example making an agreement with the managers) could also double the income of the day.

Multiply that Daily Cash Value for about 15 business days in one month, taking into account that not always Weather conditions allow you to work outdoors. You must also keep in mind that hotdogs are sold well both in Summer and in Winter, and this type of Cart, can be easily converted into Itinerant Crepes Shop. Then you can  quickly change from  Hot Dog toCrepes depending on the situations.

So, of course it all depends on how much you are willing to commit and how much you'll be good at to figure out which location or situation may be the most suitable in your town. Among other things after a few days you will find more profitable locations, and so on. The important thing is to select good stations where there is a high concentration of people.

Consider that these carts Hot Dog, are easy to move with pedal over short distances. Using a small Van or Trailer Cart you can move in other cities, which hosts events or fairs. There are Web sites that publish calendars of many events or fairs and, if you follow carefully these appointments, you can be present where there are high concentrations of people.

Even creating your Web site, or your Facebook account, it is very likely that you will come of requests to provide catering services to Parties or Events. The Barrow Hot Dog is something that stoking lot and generates sympathy.

We have also made a little cart Hot Dog that you can tow with an ordinary bicycle, then using a means of sustainable transport, with the possibility to enter ZTL zones or otherwise off-limits to motorized vehicles.