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AA_MIX_CARRETTI_GELATO_CARGO_BIKEThis site is the section Shop Online Site of  the Italian Website ,  that is entirely dedicated to Tricycles, Working Bicycles and Cargo Bikes and  Kiosk / Vending Carts.

In this Shop Online you will find the largest selection of Cargo Bike, from the smallest for Mamy to those that can carry a weght more than 3 and can be prepared for work activities.

Through the cart you can place orders with credit card and other payment methods, but we recommend that before you make your purchase, contact   +39 345 5055803  and  ask for more detailed information on the model that you need.

Before making the order it is better to understand if the model that you like is also the most functional for your use.

We have many models of Cargo Bike and Bicycle cargo and "each has its own ... Why".

We can suggest the most suitable solutions.

Consider that the Preparation of  our Carts for  Ice Cream and Street Food that You can see in our Catalog, are Handcrafted made on the basis of Your Commission, and the versions that you can see in the photos in this WebSite, are just examples to help you to understand what specifically we can accomplish for you.

WATCH THE DRIVE TEST mmade from GRANDMOTHER  BRUNA  on a Tricycle without Electric Assistance, but only with LEG PEDALING with 300 Kg

















In our  Shop On-Line, in Fittings section , you will find Standardize solutions , but you can also perform some customizations.

 We suggest you Again to contact us and explaining  your needs   at  +39 345 5055803.

These are all the possible use-cases where these  Cargo Tricycles, might give you great benefits:

  • Think about a Kiosk or at a small Bar in downtown, that not having space you use a warehouse at 100/200 mt from the local and, whenever you need supply beverage refrigerator, someone must take his car, lose the parking so laboriously conquered, move, look for a new place to park the car, load the crates of soft drinks, return to the Bar, download and then start the "Parking hunt". Think also about some fine for forbidden parking? And may be all this traffic to suffer several times a day??

  • Delivery of products door to door in historic centres (es. Supermarket at home, pizzas, mineral waters): in fact, it can also circulate in Traffic Banned Areas, and when are configured with a Suitable Box, allows you to do many more deliveries than you could do with a Scooter, without having to re-enter.

  • Distribution of Promotional Materials, Flyers or Newspapers.

  • Walking School Bus Service organized by the municipalities, where Grandparents Vigilant accompany children to school on foot all in a row. The tricycle can be very useful for carrying heavy backpacks of children. Walking bus with grandparents in Tricycle ...

  • For Couriers who make  Parcels delivery in Private offices in Traffic Banned Areas

  • Transport and cargo-handling within Large companies or stores where a Forklift may be superfluous and Expensive

  • As Departmental Bicycles to move technicians, electricians, who must move themself with toolboxes bulky and heavy

  • Cleaning Service Companies to transport tools and materials required within large areas.

  • Environmental services and maintenance of Flowerbeds and gardens

  • On Farms or for the transport of the harvest of Orchards.

  • Disabled People Transport, which can be loaded with the wheelchair, directly on the tricycle (appropriately fitted) and transported by an individual Carer

  • Small transport in Private areas like Campings, Parks, Resorts

  • Carrying Suitcases and luggage in Resort or HOTEL, when customers arrive or depart.

  • Recovery Community, to carry out small internal transport of materials

  • Charterers, which may be configured as Rickshaws or Taxi Bike

  • Municipalities, for Ecological Operators for various services or small transports.

  • Individuals Private People who may use it for leisure, as Cargo Bikes, shopping transport, equipment for the beach when you are on holiday or to entertain your children (configuring it properly).It's a wonderful Cargo Bike.

  • Marinas or Little Ports for transporting luggage from the entrance to berth

  • Diving Centers, to transport groups of cylinders.

  • For the transport of LPG Gas Cylinders in those areas difficult to reach with vans

  • Itinerant Vendors of ice cream, hotdogs, wraps, fresh Cut Fruit, Vin broulè or whatever. We are studying the possibility of creating removable equipment configurations, so that we can have the same Tricycle  to change its Setting depending on the season and type of Seasonal Sale

  • Promotion Agencies that organise events or Advertising Agencies, to  give in rent to their customers to promote products.

  • As an Advertising Tool for your Business, setting it with your advertising, may be transforming it with a style very "Vintage".

  • Fairs,  that can make them available for exhibitors , for moving equipment and setting up the Stands in areas where you can't enter with motor vehicles.

  • For Fair Stand Fitters, using its within the Exhibition Areas to move small equipment and materials

  • Moms who want to carry the groceries, and perhaps accompany children to school.

  • But there are Other 1000 applications that only your imagination can realize .....

Watch the Video, to discover how is easy to ride with 200 Kg of Charge


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We can ship anywhere our Tricycles. The Shipping costs depend by  the Tricycle's size , by  type of packaging and weight.