Trailer Kiosk Cart Fiberglass Towable


Trailer Kiosk Cart Fiberglass Towable

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Spherical kiosk Towing for Car, no yet been Set up. Suitable for setting up Itinerant Ice Cream Shop, Hot Dog, Crepes, Bar, Sandwiches, Beer

The Kiosk is built in fiberglass and is mounted on tow trailer approved and can be towed by a car, just like a small caravan.

The Kiosk Fiberglass opens into 2 parts.


This Towable Kiosk is ideal for long Trips, being very light to tow with a car with small displacement. Still has a function as Mobile Shop, but can also be positioned in a Fixed Location for all the season.

This Kiosk trailer is a valid alternative to the Carts on
pedals tricycle .

The advantages compared to a Tricycle Cart Street Food Bike are:

  • Most space for equipment devices  and  for Necessary Product Stocks,
  • Greater autonomy of batteries,
  • The possibility to operate Standing on the Cart
  • The ability to make longTrips and to participate in Far Fairs

Disadvantages compared to a Tricycle Cart are:

  • Difficulty in making small and frequent moves as required by Statement Rules (In Italy, you must move yourself every hour of 200 mt)
  • Inability to enter  into zones closed to traffic (Traffic Banned Areas) with the car towing
  • An investment a little higher
  • Need a place to house the largest stand when not in use

  This Basic version is supplied in color White and includes:

  • Approved trailer 750 kg, 330 kg weight kiosk and cart.
  • Sink with tap and clinic lever.
  • Unloading garbage.
  • Electrical system 6 sockets + control + external socket.
  • NR ° - 2 spotlights for interior lighting.
  • Water system including electric pump and two tanks for clear water and wastewater.
  • NR ° - 2 shelves + drawer purses.
  • Bottle holder with 2 shelves.

Excluded are:

  •      Costs for Delivery
  •      Costs for Matriculation license plate
  •      Additional planting of lights
  •      Any extra changes requested by the customer
  •      Specific equipment like Fridge, Stove, Plates, Fryers etc.

By calling +39 345 5055803  You can get more information on how to set up the kiosk and have a precise estimate of> Various accessories Optional Required

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