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Push Carts

Push Carts



Push Carts useful for preparing temporary Mobile Workbench, adapt for preparation Street Food like Crepes, Hot Dog, Waffel, but also for many others utilization.  Push Carts are suitable also for distribution of Advertising and Promotion in Fairs Expo or Events.





Fiberglass Kiosks Carts  towable  to set up for:

  • Itinerant Bar or Fruit Bar
  • Itinerant Ice Cream Shop  or Yoghurterie
  • Creperie or Hot Dog
  • Sandwich or Beer Vending.

TheTrailers Kiosks are ideal for long Trips, being very light even with a towed vehicle of small displacement. Anyway have a function of Mobile Shop, but they can also be well positioned in a Fixed area for  all the season.

The towable Kiosks are a valid alternative to the Itinerant
carts on Tricycles .

The advantages are:


  • Most space for equipment and Necessary for Product Stocks,
  • Greater autonomy of batteries,
  • The possibility to operate according to Cart
  • The ability to make long journeys and to participate in Fairs Far

Disadvantages are:

  • Difficulty making small and frequent moves as required by Statement Peddler (move every hour of 200 mt)
  • Inability to get into zones closed to traffic with the car towing
  • An investment a little higher
  • Need a place to house the largest stand when not in use

By calling +39 345 5055803  you can define the type of installation that you want to achieve and to have a precise estimate of the Optional Required

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