We can ship anywhere (EUROPE or WORLD) our Tricycles. The Shipping costs depend by  the Tricycle's size , by  type of packaging and weight.


Some models are available in BOX  Version  (Photo below) in ASSEMBLY KIT (eg. ATTILA HEAVY DUTY, TITAN 170TUCANO BASIC). These models Are disassebled and Packed in box. This solution generate a cheaper cost of shipping  . The cost of shipping is about 40/60 for Italy, for the Italian  Islands there is an extra charge. For Foreign Countries, at the moment we need  a quotation from our Courier. For a Quotation we need the Address and ZIP CODE for to have a correct Quotation. In any case, we have a Table for indicative costs of transport, it is here below and you can Check)

Other models are shipped PARTIALLY ASSEMBLED (Photo above) ( the FRONT PART is divided from the Rear bicycle), then everything is packed on pallets (Size A)  of 120 x 120 x h.150cm (see photo) or (Size B) of  120 x 150 x h. 180 cm.



For EUROPEAN COUNTRIES  the Cost of Shipping of a Pallets 120 x 120 may be from 120 €  to 400 €, depending from the Distance from Milan (Mayland). See the TAB Below with Estimate Cost for Countries.

For OVERSEAS COUNTRIES  the Cost of Shipping of a Pallet 120 x 120 may be from 450 € to 700€  dependig from the Size of Model and  Destination Country. See the TAB Below with Estimate Cost for Countries.

There is also the solution TRICYCLE FULL ASSEMBLEDED  that is placed  whole
on a pallets of 250 x 120. This solution, however, is the most expensive, although at the receipt of delivery, You don't  need to proceed to the union of the Bike at  Front Part. Therefore, This operation take normally 30 Minutes and is very Simple.


 For information purposes before to place an Order, You can Consider the Tables Below that contain some Example of Estimate Cost of Shipping in EUROPE  (Table 1 ) or Some OVERSEAS Countries in the World (Table 2).

In any Product Sheet in the Shop on Line, is indicated the dimension of the Packaging on Pallet, and you can see in thenext Table  the column Size A or Size B and find a destination near your city

TABLE 1  >    EUROPE Size  A Size  B
DESTINATION Pallet 120 x 120 x h.150 Pallet 120 x 150 x h.180
Austria-Vienna cap. 10 € 150,00 € 275,00
Belgio.Bruxelles cap. 10 € 160,00 € 295,00
Danimarca –Kolding cap. 60 € 175,00 € 330,00
Finlandia –Helsinki cap. 006 € 200,00 € 385,00
Francia –Parigi cap.91 € 135,00 € 250,00
Francia-Lione cap. 69 € 125,00 € 220,00
Francia –Avignone cap.84 € 125,00 € 225,00
Germania-Bielefeld cap.33 € 120,00 € 220,00
Germania-Ludenscheid-cap.58 € 120,00 € 220,00
Germania-Ausburg-cap. 86 € 110,00 € 200,00
Germania –Norimberga cap.90 € 110,00 € 200,00
Olanda-Tilburg cap. 50 € 125,00 € 265,00
Olanda –Amsterdam cap.10 € 140,00 € 225,00
Polonia-Varsavia cap. 01 € 150,00 € 290,00
Polonia-Cracovia cap. 30 € 125,00 € 235,00
Portogallo-Lisbona cap. 10 € 180,00 € 340,00
Rep:Ceca –Praga-cap. 10 € 135,00 € 255,00
Romania-Bucarest cap. 03 € 140,00 € 270,00
Spagna-Barcellona cap.03 € 115,00 € 215,00
Spagna –Madrid cap. 28 € 140,00 € 260,00
Spagna –Irun cap. 20 € 125,00 € 235,00

Remember  These are ONLY ESTIMATE for  Approximate Information .  For Exact Quotation we need to Know your ZIP CODE and wich Model you are choosing for to Know wich size of  Packaging is your Delivery.

If you have some contact with a Your Forwarder may be  a good Idea if you check the Cost of Shipping with them. May be that from other Country respect from Italy, the cost of shipping can be lower.

In the next Table B, there are APPROXIMATE COSTS OF SHIPMENTS CFR Terminal  in € Euros (CFR is at Terminal of Port or Airport in Custom Office ).

Then You need to Consider an EXTRA for Custom Tax (Ask to Custom Office for Product Class Tricycle) and consider you need to Pick Up the Pallet at Terminal. The cost of transport from the Terminal to Your Home is not included in the calculation, and can be cheaper if you provide to Pick up the pallets at Terminal with a Van or with a Courier.


DESTINATION CARD BOX 120x32x163 Cm PALLET 120 X 120 Cm  
Philadelphia US 350 500-700  
Illinois US 350 500-700  
San Francisco US 400 570-700  
New York    US 400 550-600  
Emirates 400 550  
Malta 270 370  
Paris     FR 130 390-450  
Madrid     SP 130 250-350  
Barcellona 90 230-330  

In the case of  delivery of an Ice Cream Cart or Street Food Cart , can be a good thing an extra Protection with Wooden Box, but this can have an extra cost of about 250

For orders with a value of more than € 6,000  we can contribute serving 50% of the cost of shipping.

In any case, for to have a exact estimate, we suggest to contact us at +39 345 5055803.