About us

About us

We are Cargo Bikes Artesan Manufacturer ,  Cargo Tricycles , Work bicycles and muscle-powered vehicles, for environmentally sustainable transport with Zero Impact

We are a young Artesan Italian Company and  we assemble in Italy Cargo Bicycles and Work Tricycles  that we sell directly both in Italy and abroad.

Our Goal is to become the reference point for those who want to develop Labour and Transport on  Bicycle. We also provide to set ut our Tricycles for Vending and Street Food Mobile in the street.

We were the first in Italy to understand the importance of  Cargo Bikes as  means of transportation in town centers, and already more than 8 years, we are producing models increasingly targeted to specific needs, whether it related to the Labor and also  LeisureTime.

We are continually exploring new models of Cargo Bike and new productions that can make these more suited to the needs of our customers.






Cargo Bikes, however, are not only a working tool, These also like very much  to privat people because are very funny in Leisure time.

We are able to produce work tricycles  studied for specific uses, but obviously on these special projects, we needs times for  realizations and a number of pieces.

You can read the CARGO BIKE's INTERVIEW made from FOOD TRUCK ADVISOR, clicking on next Banner


For correctness, we would like to inform all visitors to our Sites, that a Cargo Bike is a Vehicle to Pedals (It is a Strong Bicycle)) and it can never replace an Auto or a Van. A Cargo Bike like our Models  can travel for short distances at low speed and with a low load If you are  thinking  you have to overcome steep ascents with heavy loads, unfortunately a Cargo Bike is not the right vehicle for you. Even with a  Electric kit pedal assisted, You  never can overcome significant gradients without efforts.




VIDEO INTERVIEW with CARGO BIKE: Mr. Roberto RossiBLOG CICLODRIVE manager, made us a pleasant visit and realized this interview, where we told our history. We thank Roberto because, with this work, has presented us exactly as we think we are. Watch this video to know more about us, and visit his BLOG that speak about bikes, Cargo bikes and about the fantastic world of Electric Bicycles, clicking


Our Address is:


Via Rossignoli 32 .

26013  CREMA     (CR)


If you decide to come and visit us, we kindly ask you to advise us by phone at +39 345 5055803 to be sure to find the model that interests you ready for a possible trial.