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DREAM CUP KIOSK Basic, This model was born on the basis of the "DREAM"  but the Cover is plan instead hemisphere. When it is close, it seem a Coffee Cup or Ice cream Cup.

During the towing trip, having a lower height it offers less air resistance.

The "Dream CUP" kiosk is composed in the upper part by a roof / lid that rises and lowers and in the lower part by a cylinder. The cylindrical base offers a lot of storage space.


DREAM KIOSK BASIC is still to be set up with the machinery, but is already equipped with the sink with electric pump and certified electrical system. As OPTIONAL you can Choose  the machines or Devices that you need, or you can buy these by Yourselfe.

It can also be easily towed by a utility vehicle and is suitable for the itinerant sale of Coffee, breakfast, ice cream, hot dogs, crepes, churros, waffles, bars, sandwiches, fruit bars, beer houses, lemon bars, smoothies, smoothies, cocktails etc.

The kiosk is very robust and built in Fiberglass. It is mounted on a Homologated towing Trail Cart and as we said, it can be towed with a normal car, just like a small caravan.

The fiberglass with which the  2 bodies are built , has a large thickness and is easily washable. The work surfaces are also painted with certified Gel Coat for food and require much less cleaning work than stainless steel. In addition, fiberglass is very light and very robust and easy to maintain in case of repairs.

DREAM KIOSK opens in 2 parts.


In  Street FoodEvents,  is considered on a par with a Food Truck, therefore it is the most economical solution to participate in Events and Fairs. Being very light to tow even with a small Car, it allows you to make long journeys, too. Its nature is that of a Mobile Shop, but it can also be placed in a fixed place and used standing throughout the season.


There is also a version of  DREAM CUP kiosk that is not mounted on a trail Cart, but with small wheels that allow manual movement, or a version that can be kept on a Pallet and can be moved with a transpallet or forklift.

It is a Small and Cheapest Street Food Truck and is suitable for preparing the following Preparations:

  •     Ice cream and Granitas
  •     Cafeteria, Bar, Beverages
  •     Cocktail Bar
  •     Fruit Bar, Smoothies, Fruits Juices and Centrifuges
  •     Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
  •     Crepes and Waffles
  •     Churros
  •     French Fries or other Fried Foods
  •     Simple grill

 This Basic Version is supplied in White color and Includes:

  •     2 shelves under Workbench
  •     Coin drawer
  •     Internal lighting consisting of 2 LED spotlights
  •     Approved electrical system up to 5.5kw with 6 sockets, electrical panel and circuit breaker
  •     Towable Trail with homologation 750 kg for road use, kiosk weight on Trail 330 kg.
  •     Bottle holder shelf
  •     Tap with clinical lever
  •     Stainless steel sink
  •     Water pump system with 2 X 25L tanks (loading + unloading)
  •     Standard industrial 220v external power outlet

Are excluded:

  •     Transport costs for delivery
  •     Cart registration costs (Targa)
  •     Additional lighting system
  •     Any changes requested by the customer ( other Color than White or Digital Prints for customization
  •     Specific equipment and devices such as Fridge, Stove, Plates, Deep Fryers etc. which are extra

If you do not have to use this kiosk in an itinerant way, but only in a Fixed Place, it is possible to obtain a substantial saving with the FIXED version on Pallet or the version with small wheels for short push movements. Contact +39 348 3887456 or +39 345 5055803 for information.

Here are some examples of graphic customizations:


By calling +39 345 5055803  You can get more information on how to set up the kiosk and have a precise estimate of  Various accessories Optional Required

You can also choose the option DIY to customize it yourself

The version on small wheels (9.600 € + VAT) is also available to move it by hand within a fixed location, or the version on the Fiisa pallet (9.100 € + VAT), which you can move with a forklift or transpallets, and transport it in a medium-sized van.


TECHNICAL SHEET  DREAM CUP  KIOSK MODEL       Download Catalog Complete Pdf


For Best Information, Please Contact us at    +39 345 5055803  or

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