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STREET FOOD BIKE QUADRA BASIC ATTILA  (Prepared on Mechanic Base Tricycle ATTILA Heavy Duty A90, that is Stronger then CYCLOPE A90). It  is a tricycle with Alluminium  WORK  BENCH very spaced, prepared for to be Customized in many Kind of  STREET FOOD .

The Tricycle ATTILA HEAVY DUTY is an exceptionally rugged Tricycle and is the ideal solution for those looking for RELIABILITY and STRONGLY to use the Tricycle every day, on paved roads and heavy installations




Tricycle Mod.
ATTILA HEAVY DUTY (The Strongest Tricycle of our Range and in the Market) with  Pedals. It has not Gear, but Direct Traction with possibility of Reverse.
Aluminum QUADRA bench with Inox coated workpiece with a Lowered part to insert Cooking Machines OPTIONAL such as:
A Single or Double Fryer,
A Gas Grill
Crepes or Waffles Plates
- An Oven with Stoves,
A Grill with Carbonella.

Sink with Electric Pump and Grey Water Recovery Tank
Plexiglass Window on the Customer side
Side Doors with cabinet
Roof Frame on Telescopic Tubes with Fireproof  PVC Tent (Certified) with Sides. The Sanitary prescribes it for Cover and protect the Bench and serves to cover the operator while pedaling (Color is optional)
Led Lighting for the evening

You can choose many Cooking Machine,  useful for your needs and you can put inside or change these in modular manner. About refrigeration, we can find many solutions, like a Insulated box for food or drinks, or a Freezer/Fridge with controlled temperature (from -20°C  to  + 10°C) that works with battery for almost 10 hours.

Look how is possible to fit it:



This combination between Tricycle and Workbench, suitable for Very heavy preparation. This is the solution that permits to have Big Space for to put inside a Big Fridge / Freezer Battery Powered, with capacity 65 Lt and with controlled temperature from -18° up to +10° It is possible to insert in alternative a Big Insulated Box for Iced Food or drinks. This Tricycle Street Food Cart can be the Basis on which preparing a Set Up for Food Vending of Grilled meats, grilled Sausage, Hot Dog, Tortillas, Piadinas, Crepes, Waffel, Poffertjes, Tacos, Sandwiches, Bruschettas, Grilled Food or Pre Cooked Food, Fryed Food, but can also be used for many ideas related to Street Food Truck. The color of the front bench of the  Street Food Cart is WHITE ( series), but can be chosen and customized like Optional.

In The next Photos you can see some example about How is possible to personalize with our Optional your Street Food Bike, for adapt it to Your Business project


The model that you see in the picture is already set up for the sale Grilled Food, but the machines for Cooking and to refrigerate are Optional.


In the picture above, you can see how a small GPL Oven with 2 cookers can be used to cook or prepare Panini or other foods, and suitable to use a Cooking Pot .

In the next photo an example set with 8 + 8 liter Gas Double Fryer



This is a bike for Street Food built with great attention to detail, adapt like base for many and various solutions. It is  Thought for many standard measure of devices and with many interior compartments,  branches,  useful  to find accommodation of various equipment. In this Street Food Cart, Every small space has been exploited.


The same Workbench can easily be configured for different types of Street Food, by purchasing the needed machines to cook what you want. Therefore it can be prepared for:


  • Grilled Meat, Grilled sausage
  • Sales of Hot Dog
  • As a fruit bar or Macedonie
  • Granite or Scratchy
  • Itinerant Bar
  • Sandwiches or Bruschetta
  • Crepes
  • Sale of ice cream or Yoghurt
  • Food Boiled
  • Fryed Food


For Change type for sale You just can add or change some optional components.that You can Choose. We can supply these optional, of you can give us your devices, and we can insert these in the cart.

OPTIONAL: (You can calculate the Final Investment adding all prices of Optional that you think you need for your activity)

  • Battery system 12V-220V  for Various power + Charger / Inverter 220V   to power the Freezer for Long Autonomy and to have a current of 220V for any electrical accessories, with a maximum consumption within 1 Kw) ( eg Blenders or others). The battery charger is designed to be connected to a solar panel only with a plug. PRICES  (Normal Plant  650 € + Vat )  (Bigger  Battery   780 € + VAT).  (with Lithium Battery for long battery life 1.150 € + VAT). The battery-powered system is necessary if you decide to use Freezer or other electrical appliances. Depending from the Devices, it need to decide which kind of Battery is needed


  • Freezer / Frigor WAECO CFX40 40 lt.  that works both at 220V (when the 220V Plug is available) or with Battery for over 10 hours. The Freezer will be inserted in the Work Top Plan ( 780 € + Iva)


  • Freezer / Frigor WAECO CFX65 65 lt. that works both at 220V (when the 220V Plug is available) or at Battery for over 10 hours. The Freezer will be inserted in the Top  Work plan ( 960 € + Iva)


  • Trivalent Dometic Refrigerator that can work both at 220V and at 12V as well as LPG GAS with an internal cartridge, easily removable, which guarantees operation for about 4-5 hours. The Frigor has no controlled temperature with thermostat, but manually adjustable. It can reach -20 ° compared to the ambient temperature. If there are + 30 °, it can reach + 10 °. ( Prezzo  340 € + iva )


  • Fornetto Tedesco WE-GRILL a Gas GPL for to Grill without smoke, tank to a Ceramic Burner that can cooking foods without generate smoke, with infrared   ( 770 € + iva).


  • Stainless steel chaffing dish with 2 alchool gel stoves that can contain and mantain hot various gastronorm tanks, with different sizes: GN 1/1; 2 GN ½ or 4 GN 1/4 . The Chaffing Dish is embedded  into the Workbench. The price of the Chaffing Dish is  € 150 + VAT  including the work of inserting it into the Workplan (cutting and internal protections in stainless steel sheet with rock wool insulation for safety.)


  • Stainless steel chaffing dish with 2 alchool gel stoves that can contain various gastronorm tanks of different sizes: GN 1/1; 2 GN ½ or 4 GN 1/4 to be recessed into the bench. The price of the Chaffing Dish is € 150 + VAT per person including the work of recessing on the bench (cutting and internal protections in stainless steel sheet with rock wool for safety.)
  • LPG GAS system with DECLARATION of CONFORMITY with 2 or more taps that can use a 10 l lpg bottle. It is necessary if you want to use more than one LPG gas appliance. For 1 single appliance connected directly to the cylinder, it is not necessary. Certification is required when connecting multiple gas appliances. (330 € + iva)


  • Gas oven with 2 burners Ideal for cooking Portions or heating Panini, Bruschette, Focacce, or Flat BreadBrioches . On the upper part there are 2 Stoves that can be used to heat Pans (for example with Chocolate or Vin Broulè  .( € 220 + Iva)





  • Fryer  LPG GAS  8 + 8 Lt  Double (tot 16 Lt)  ( 1.480 € + iva )FRIGGITRICE_GAS_DOPPIA_10_lt_ALLFORFOOD_SF_10_DM
  • GRILL  Coal Barbecue  without Smoking LOTUS Grill XL.  It's a really brilliant Grill. It works with Coal, which is inserted into an inner container and allows to grill the barbecue without smoking. Internally the BBQ there is a fan working with battery  that spreads the heat evenly. Additionally, you can add a Cover  for more uniform cooking. It is a high-quality German manufacturing product. It can be easily inserted and removed in the lowered Workplan of the Workbench, on the operator side. ( Barbecue XL 230 € + iva   -  Coperchio  50 € + iva )
  • barbecue-portatile-lotus-grill-xl61tJRrjqqCL._SL1146_  



  • Grill Plate (Smooth or Striped) Single or Double  Gas GPL  for roast Meat or Chorizo  (Starting from  580 € + iva )


  • Double Crepes Plant Single or Double working with LPG gas   ( 350 € + iva )


  • Professional Italian Coffee Machine, working with LPG Gas with 2 Groups  ( 2.700 € + iva)


  • Rear Table Coated with Stainless Steel Sheet   for enlarge the Working Plan . It is Fixed between the seat and the Handlebar, and it is removable.  ( 240 € + Iva)



  • Side Shelf (  Customer or Operator side ) Foldable with a Compass, coated with Stainless Steel Sheet.  ( 150 € + Iva cad.)


  • Painted Aluminum Rear Box as the Bench, mounted on the Rear Rack of the Bike. It can contain various things or a Insulated Box  for food or to store drinks or foods. (180 € + VAT)


  • Solar Panel 100 W flexible and very light (3.5 Kg)  and charge regulator, to be hooked over the roof. It allows you to extend the battery Autonomy. (Advisable if you have high consumption and only if really necessary. It can be added at any time  (  476 € + iva )


  • Manual Machine for Shaved Ice ( Snow Ball ), The Original Made in Japan , Made in Cast Iron  ( 1.850 € + Iva 


  • Extractor Hood  Dometic, Fixed under the Roof Canopy (260 € + Iva)


  • Polibox Insulated Containers, that allow you to keep cold or hot drinks and food,  for many hours. They are certified for food and are very comfortable, because they are light and do not require electricity. Prices vary from  30 € ai 350 € + iva.



  • Side Extensions of the Awning Canopy, in order to protect from the sun or rain the operator while working and the customer on the opposite side. These side extensions are foldable or removable when not needed  ( 150 € + iva for each side extension )


  • Transparent side Curtains, which can be used to close the bench or to make a roof for protect from rain  both the operator and the customers, if the weather is very bad  (   400 € + Iva  for 4 sides)



  • Many other solutions for Street Food are available. Call +39 345 5055803  for further information.

For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the  front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. x 180 Cm Height Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.


Cost of Shipping that calculate automatically our web site, are referred to Transport in Italy. 

If you stay out from Italy, Ask For the exact cost of shipping. We can give You  a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.


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