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The Cyclope A90 is a Heavy Duty Cargo Bike FOR WORK, specifically designed for those who must use the Tricycle intensively and with heavy loads. This Model  has a reinforced thicker  frame.


Cyclope A90 is a little LARGER  than the Model Cyclope A78 and is suitable to host on the front Platform gig Setting, which usually need space until  90 cm in width, but can also be usedin combination with  WORKBENCH BIG FOOT


  • The bike is for Woman  and low Tube reinforced . The connection with the Front Part, is under the platform, right on the axis of the wheels; this feature gives the advantage of a high stability while driving.
  • The platform has a second support point on the low cane, in fact, a bearing mounted on the lower part of the bicycle frame, supports the platform on a plate, mounted on the bottom side of the platform.
  • The tricycle has Shimano disc brakes on the front wheels and the new Brake Roller Break SHIMANO on rear wheel, and is coupled to  NEXUS GEAR Inter 3.
  •  All bearings are industrial type and axial, and not by Bicycle Traditional, to ensure superior strength even under stress.
  •  The Front Basket is very spacious, made in squared  tubes, which is very suitable to serve as a mechanic base for refrigerators or other.
  •  This is  the ideal mechanic base  for those who want to set up work tricycles  that will have to carry heavy loads.
  • The front wheels are  very large and strong with Moto tires
  • The GEAR SHIMANO NEXUS Inter 7V makes it soft pedaling, despite the load.
  • Its Cargo Capacity  is approximately 300 kg.
  • We have 2 versions of Platform. The Version A-90, in which  the platform measure width  90 cm and length 119 cm. Version A-78 is a bit narrow, width 78 cm and length always 119. The A-78 is more suitable for  Ice cream Refrigerators  etc.


Front Wheels Rins 3.00", Spokes 3 mm, Tires 3.00/18
Rear Wheel Rin da 26", Spoke 2,5 mm, Tire 26"
Front Brake  Disc Brake
Rear Brake V-Brake with ALTUS 7 with Derailleur
Gear Shimano ALTUS a 7 Rapport with Derailleur
Brake Levers With Button for Parking Brake
Front Platform Sizes Width. 90 cm , Lenght. 120 cm.- Height from Ground 37cm
External Sizes Width. 124cm x  Lenght 254cm,  h. 106 cm
Capacity in Kg 300 Kg on Plan Street without holes







Watch the video and discover how is easy to pedal with 200 Kg of Charge


WATCH THE VIDEO TEST DRIVE OF GRANDMOTHER  BRUNA....  87 Year Old with  300 Kg only with Pedal


It Is Shipped Assembled with The Bike separated from Front Platform  to take up less space in transport. The whole is packed and put on a Pallets 120 x 120 cm

IMPORTANT:  Costs of Transport  are  calculated automatically from our website and Charged on Your Cart,  but are referred  to the transport inside Italy. There may be EXTRA costs for some  Location and Foreign Countries.

If you ordered this model, Please Contact +39 348 3887456 to ask Information and how much is the Extra Value, that is based on your ZIP CODE.  We need to Ask a Quotation for Communicate You How much is the exact costs of transport.  Is Possible to Pay the EXTRA  with PAY PAL.   We will send to You a PAY PAL LINK for the difference to your E-Mail.

If You prefer to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

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