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CAMILLO,  Towable trolley  walking also on sand with 90 liter Isothermal container to store ice creams or drinks for several hours ( 6/8 hours).


It is a very light Freezer Beach Trolley and weighs only 20 kg, because the Ice Box  is built with insulated Fiberglass panels with 10 cm thick insulating thickness and can keep cold  ice-lollies or ice-creams or Cans or Bottles even up to 6-8 hours with an external temperature of 30 °C.

It is certified for food use. You can increase the autonomy on the hottest days, simply inserting some packages of
Eutectic Gel  (like those of camping iceboxes) frozen, so that it can help to compensate for the loss of frost as a result of openings.




The support frame is sturdy  and has a capacity of 80 kg. It is made of stainless steel, and the 29 "wheels are high to make it easier to tow the trolley on the sand and thin  to offer less resistance to rolling. narrow, even if they do not float on the sand, they offer more rolling resistance. 

These wheels have a double chamber aluminum rim (more robust), stainless steel spokes and an aluminum hub. These characteristics allow it not to rust even if it is used on the beach shoreline.


It is ideal for those who want to make itinerant sales of:

  •     Packed Ice-creams, which can be kept atright  temperature for about 6-8 hours
  •     Ice-lollies
  •     Cans Drinks and Pets, which can remain cold throughout the day
  •     Glasses with fruit salad
  •     Fresh Coconut
  •     Any product that should be kept cold, but also warm, because it can also preserve hot products very well.

It is also perfect for those companies that want to make promotions of products with Promoter on the street or in shopping centers.

The great versatility of this ice cream trolley is that it can be disassembled in just a few minutes and can be stored in the trunk of a car. The insulated Box measures 70 x 55 x h 55 cm and has a capacity of about 95 liters. The capacity of the trolley is 80 kg.

The upper opening has a round stainless steel insulated lid. It is deliberately small to avoid cold dispersion during the openings to pick up the product, but in any case easily enter bottles of all sizes


The handle to pull it is built in sturdy  wood, so as not to be subject to heat if left in the sun. The Wooden Handle can be easily removed and then, it is possible to insert an accessory that allows you to connect the trolley behind the saddle tube of a normal bicycle, becoming a Bike trailer. In this way, important trips can be made, for example by using an electric bicycle. 

As OPTIONAL you can add a shelf on the front side, in order to support anything.

For transportation and shipping,  is placed on a 100 cm x 80 cm pallet. h. 120 cm then everything is packed and protected.


Cost of Shipping that calculate automatically our web site, are referred to Transport in Italy. 

If you stay out from Italy, Ask For the exact cost of shipping. We can give You  a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.


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