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It is a Tandem Tricycle for adults much easier to drive than a traditional Tandem. It requires much less balance and you can stop without putting your feet on the ground. It is the ideal way to involve disabled people or people with balance problems who cannot ride bicycles alone in splendid walks.




It is light and simple to drive and allows you to cover respectable distances without effort. The effort, if combined in 2 pedaling people, is about the same as that of a normal bicycle.


It is the ideal tandem velocipede for:

  •     Families who want to have fun cycling together
  •     To exercise together
  •     For those who want to accompany disabled people, for example blind people or people with balance problems.
  •     For couples who want to go for walks while staying together
  •     For communities that deal with disabled people

We can Ship the Tricycle disassembled  in 2 cardboard boxes and  you can assemble it in just over 1 hour.

The electric kit is already fully assembled, and you need  only to finish the wiring by fixing some wires to the frame with nylon clamps.

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