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This CART on Tricycle has a big FRYER, suitable for cooking Fryed Street Foods like Chips, Fryed Foods or Churros . With the same Tricycle you can  just change the type of pot and you can Cooking  Various Food Type (with pot fitted with a thermostat or  Cooking in Pot with Control of the temperature.




It  is an instrument with high return on investment, and thanks to its versatility allows you to overcome the Seasonality .

The WorkBench is made with WHITE  Painted aluminum with top in stainless steel fitted with Sink Wash Hands with tap and Electric pump and 1  water tank for clean water and 1 for dirty water.

The Work Bench is equipped with
Gas Cooker  with Piezo ignition and safety valve.

The plant is made for a cylinder bottle with 
EU declaration .  The compartment door  can hold a bottle cylinder or a 10 kg Tight or 5 kg

The tricycle is equipped with a big Pot (25 Liters) with basket and thermostat for cooking Fried Potato, fried dumplings, pancakes, Arancini and anything you can fry. The Bottom of the pot is equipped with sealed lid so that while on the move you can not overthrow the oil.


The Tricycle Cart comes complete with:   

  •  Tricycle Model NEW ROMA with Muscolar Pedal
  • Work Bench in Alluminium (Standard Color WHITE, But you can Choose other color like OPTIONAL) with 2 side doors
  • Work Plan in Stainless steel
  • Roof In Telescopic Tubes with PVC Canopy ( You cal regulate the Height)
  • Fryer  with Pot ( 50 cm Diameter) with basket  and thermostat that adjusts the burner to keep the temperature constant  for the oil


  • System with Grid for to leave the food when is Cooked, for to drain the oil


  • Ring for Close the Pot full of Hot oil during the short trip


  • Sink for Wash hand with electric Pump and 2 tanks, 1 for pure water and one for Waste Water
  • 2 doors opening on the front of the Workbench with 2 separate Compartment: one for the Gas LPG Cylinder  and the other like  warehouse in which to store for example  Insulated shed to store food.
  • 1 Side Shelf coated in Stainless Steel
  •  Protection in Stainless Sheet, to prevent anyone from touching the Hot Pot 
  • Little Gel Battery with Charger, for feed the Sink Pump and Led Light
  • Plexiglass Windows for protection on Customer side.
  •  We can Ships the Cart Partially Mounted on a pallet of 150 x 150 (Front Part separated from the bike) and the union of the two shares parts requires 20-30 minutes of work.
  • We can not Furnish LPG Cylinder




For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.

For the cost of shipping, we require a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.



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