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BIKE'S TRAILER XL for  Bike to carry loads. It 'a small trailer that attaches to the seat tube of the bicycle and towing effortlessly. The Trail has a width of 110 cm, while the inner width is 75 cm x 75 cm.



Can load more than 100 kg in private places. The hook that attaches to the seat tube is in Plastic Polymer that can twist in the curves and the Interior has a cable is safe


It 'a very useful accessory for cycling, for those who want to carry:

  •      Expense or other things
  •      Crates of drinks or mineral water
  •      Waste from lead in landfills
  •      The Right Dog
  •      children

The little cart can also be coated in wood and use it as a tender for street vending, or it can be set up with a Fridge or other

Internal measures 75 x 75 x 54 h
Capacity 100 Kg ,
External width 110 cm, length 140 cm

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