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HAWAI STREET FOOD BIKE Basic, is a pedal cart, with natural wooden workbench set up on the NORDIK HEAVY DUTY Tricycle (Click here to see details). This Tricycle is designed specifically for work use, and is very robust, but also very manageable and easy to drive.

The Cart has a Straw Roof, and is suitable to be set up as Granite Tricycle, Juice, Drink Bike


The version you see in the picture above, refers to the HAWAICE version, set up for the preparation of Granita SHAVED ICE (also called "Hawaiian Snow") and can also be combined with a manual juicer to add juices.

Watch the next video for understand the Potential of this idea




The wooden workbench has the operator side lowered and covered in stainless steel sheet, so that you can insert various machines (in the picture below you can see the HAWAICE Manual Machine).



The  Shaved Ice Manual Machine it can be easily removed to convert the tricycle from Granite to other kind of street food. The concept is to break down seasonality and use the cart all year round. The machines (OPTIONALS) can be replaced easily. It is possible to insert the LPG gas plant or the battery system.

The NORDIK HD Tricycle with this preparation is handy and robust, and the HAWAI bench can be easily converted into:

 - Hawaice (Hawaiian Snow), a sort of very fine granita, with multicolored juices. The manual Hawaice machine will be required.
 - Itinerant Creperie or Waffles
 - Fruit Bike to sell fruit salads
 - Drink Bike, to prepare Dissupting Drinks
 - Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate or why not .... Vin Broullè
 - Focacce and Sandwiches (adding a Little LPG oven in the housing)
 - Hot dog
 - Etc.

The indicated price includes:

 -  The
NORDIK HEAVY DUTY (Click here to see details), with reinforced front wheels, stainless steel rims with 3mm spokes, front disc brakes and rear V-brakes, Shimano gear 7V shift with derailleur, handbrake buttons for brake stationing, reinforced rear load carrier rack, that can load up to 60 kg.
 -  Wood Bench made in  Natural Larch Axes, with lowered operator side and stainless steel worktop, display cabinet on Customer side to display the products, Front Opening to house internally the Insulated Boxes for the storage of Ice cylinders to prepare the Shaved Ice.


-  In the WorkBench there is a Handwashing Sink that works with a rechargeable battery electric pump, and has  2 tanks, one for the potable water reserve and the other to recover the drain water without getting dirty on the ground.
 - Straw roof mounted on telescopic poles that allow you to lower it when transporting on a van your tricycle.
 -  Powerful LED Strip Lights that work with a rechargeable battery placed under the roof, to illuminate the workbench even in the evening.

To adapt to your seasonal needs, you can consider the following OPTIONALS

OPTIONAL: (You can calculate the Final Investment adding all prices of Optional that you think you need for your activity)

  • Manual Machine for Shaved Ice ( Snow Ball ), The Original Made in Japan , Made in Cast Iron  ( 1.790 € + Iva 


Obama_1 Shaved_ice_001

shaved_ice_002 colori_1

Watch the Video on How to prepare the Hawaian Snow Shaved Ice !!!


  •  Shave Ice Hawaice ELECTRIC MACHINE  for Snow Ball, (2 Models available, 1 working with ice little cubes 1.950 € + Iva ,  other model working with Bigger ice cubes 2.050 € + Iva  ) . These machines can working on the tricycle using a battery plant  ( you can see the next item below)


  • Battery system 12V-220V  for Various power + Charger / Inverter 220V   to power the Freezer for Long Autonomy and to have a current of 220V for any electrical accessories, with a maximum consumption within 1 Kw) ( eg Blenders or others). The battery charger is designed to be connected to a solar panel only with a plug. PRICES  (Normal Plant  650 € + Vat )  (Bigger  Battery   780 € + VAT).  (with Lithium Battery for long battery life 1.150 € + VAT). The battery-powered system is necessary if you decide to use Freezer or other electrical appliances. Depending from the Devices, it need to decide which kind of Battery is needed


  • Freezer / Frigor WAECO CFX40 40 lt.  that works both at 220V (when the 220V Plug is available) or with Battery for over 10 hours. The Freezer will be inserted in the Work Top Plan ( 780 € + Iva)



  • Trivalent Dometic Refrigerator that can work both at 220V and at 12V as well as LPG GAS with an internal cartridge, easily removable, which guarantees operation for about 4-5 hours. The Frigor has no controlled temperature with thermostat, but manually adjustable. It can reach -20 ° compared to the ambient temperature. If there are + 30 °, it can reach + 10 °. ( Prezzo  340 € + iva )



  • German Oven WE-GRILL a Gas GPL for to Grill without smoke, tank to a Ceramic Burner that can cooking foods without generate smoke, with infrared   ( 770 € + iva).


  • Stainless steel chaffing dish with 2 alchool gel stoves that can contain and mantain hot various gastronorm tanks, with different sizes: GN 1/1; 2 GN ½ or 4 GN 1/4 . The Chaffing Dish is embedded  into the Workbench. The price of the Chaffing Dish is  € 150 + VAT  including the work of inserting it into the Workplan (cutting and internal protections in stainless steel sheet with rock wool insulation for safety.)


  • Stainless steel chaffing dish with 2 alchool gel stoves that can contain various gastronorm tanks of different sizes: GN 1/1; 2 GN ½ or 4 GN 1/4 to be recessed into the bench. The price of the Chaffing Dish is € 150 + VAT per person including the work of recessing on the bench (cutting and internal protections in stainless steel sheet with rock wool for safety.)
  • LPG GAS system with DECLARATION of CONFORMITY with 2 or more taps that can use a 10 l lpg bottle. It is necessary if you want to use more than one LPG gas appliance. For 1 single appliance connected directly to the cylinder, it is not necessary. Certification is required when connecting multiple gas appliances. (330 € + iva)


  • Gas oven with 2 burners Ideal for cooking Portions or heating Panini, Bruschette, Focacce, or Flat BreadBrioches . On the upper part there are 2 Stoves that can be used to heat Pans (for example with Chocolate or Vin Broulè  .( € 220 + Iva)





  • Fryer  LPG GAS  8 + 8 Lt  Double (tot 16 Lt)  ( 1.480 € + iva )FRIGGITRICE_GAS_DOPPIA_10_lt_ALLFORFOOD_SF_10_DM
  • Grill Plate (Smooth or Striped) Single or Double  Gas GPL  for roast Meat or Chorizo  (Starting from  580 € + iva )


  • Double Crepes Plant Single or Double working with LPG gas   ( 350 € + iva )


  • Professional Italian Coffee Machine, working with LPG Gas with 2 Groups  ( 2.700 € + iva)


  • Rear Table Coated with Stainless Steel Sheet   for enlarge the Working Plan . It is Fixed between the seat and the Handlebar, and it is removable.  ( 240 € + Iva)



  • Side Shelf (  Customer or Operator side ) Foldable with a Compass, coated with Stainless Steel Sheet.  ( 150 € + Iva cad.)



  • Solar Panel 100 W flexible and very light (3.5 Kg)  and charge regulator, to be hooked over the roof. It allows you to extend the battery Autonomy. (Advisable if you have high consumption and only if really necessary. It can be added at any time  (  476 € + iva )




  • Extractor Hood  Dometic, Fixed under the Roof Canopy (260 € + Iva)



  • Polibox Insulated Containers, that allow you to keep cold or hot drinks and food,  for many hours. They are certified for food and are very comfortable, because they are light and do not require electricity. Prices vary from  30 € ai 350 € + iva.



  • Side Extensions of the Awning Canopy, in order to protect from the sun or rain the operator while working and the customer on the opposite side. These side extensions are foldable or removable when not needed  ( 150 € + iva for each side extension )


Many other solutions for Street Food are available. Call +39 345 5055803  for further information.

For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the  front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. x 180 Cm Height Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.


Cost of Shipping that calculate automatically our web site, are referred to Transport in Italy. 

If you stay out from Italy, Ask For the exact cost of shipping. We can give You  a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.




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