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DRINK BIKE  is a LIGHTWEIGHT Tricycle set up in a simple way for the sale of drinks, drinks, cans, drinks, granites or scraps or beers.

Its main characteristic is that it is a VERY
LIGHT TRICYCLE  and HANDY, because the front box insulated weighs only 20 KG, so you can move very quickly with little effort. It is also ideal as a Cargo Bike for the delivery of food products (frozen or not) at home.

It is also ideal as advertising bicycle to be used to distributes drinks in the streets. Many Advertising
and Promotions Agencies  have used these Advertising Tricycles to distribute Street Beverage Samples

This Cargo Bicycle can also be set up as SPILLING BEER with manual pump or with a small battery-powered Compressor.


The front Insulated Box has a stainless steel frame and it is made with sandwich insulated aluminum panels with 5 cm of insulation. The upper worktop (which also acts as a lid) is painted with non-toxic paints.

On the lid you can make 2 or 3 holes with stainless steel collar and then close them with round caps (of the type Gelateria) (OPTIONAL), so that you can access the inside of the Box with one arm, without opening the upper door, avoiding cold dispersions when the cans or bottles are recovered.


The insulated Box has a capacity of over 300 liters. It can be opened from the top, and can store frozen or cold foods, such as drinks, ice, fruit or packaged food for many hours. Before going to the place where it works, it must be filled with already cold drinks and, thanks to the Frozen Eutectic plates (OPTIONAL), it will keep the Drinks ( Pets, Cans, Bottle...) at cold temperature for many hours.

You can also sell packaged ice creams or popsicles, but you will need to put inside small portions of dry ice or plates or bags of frozen gel at least at -25 ° C. In this way the maintenance of cold will be effective for several hours depending of the outside temperature and the number of openings.

The Insulated Box is also a simpler and cheaper solution than a refrigerator mounted on the tricycle, because it allows to avoid the installation of a Heavy and Expensive Battery / Inverter / Charger.

This Cargo Bike is ideal for the sale of:

- Drinks in cans or bottles (if kept at a temperature above 0)
- Packaged ice creams
Industrial ice cream
- Icicles
- Granite and Grattachecca
- Fruit packed in small cups (if kept at a temperature above 0)
- Packaged Pastry (if kept at a temperature above 0)
Plastic containers with ready lunches like rice salads or portions of various foods.
Beer tapping with K-KEG system (OPTIONAL)
- Distribution of Drinks and Beverages on a Promotional or Selling basis


In the Sale Price are Included:

NORDIK Heavy Duty Tricycle (Click for details) with Front Disc Brakes and Rear V Brake, Handbrake Parking Button on 3 Wheels, SHIMANO 7V Rear Derailleur with Major Derailleur and Wheels for Extra Charge

 - Front INSULATED BOX  with stainless steel frame and made with Isothermal sandwich panels in aluminum / polystyrene, with large upper door. The top worktop is painted with non-toxic paint (with certification) or can be covered with stainless steel sheet (OPTIONAL)
  - REINFORCED rear carrier (Can load up to 80 Kg)



ROOF with TELESCOPIC poles and awning in self-extinguishing PVC (OPTIONAL 470 € + VAT)


Big Umbrella in Colors That you can Choose ( Price depending from the model)


-   The rear shelf between handlebars and saddle that widens the worktop lengthening the counter is an option (€ 240 + VAT)   .
 -   The front shelf covered with stainless steel (OPTIONAL) has a price of € 150 + VAT
 -    Eutectic plates with gels made of plastic material (OPTIONAL 70 € + VAT cad.

The Tricycle Cargo Drink Bike is shipped packed on a 120 cm x 120 pallet separating the front part (the bench) from the rear bicycle, and with the roof removed. The whole is then joined on a single pallet. The operation to reassemble the 3 parts is very simple and takes no more than 1 hour.

In case of Order please contact +39 345 5055803 to check the shipping cost, which depending on the distance may have an additional cost

L'operazione di imballaggio, prevede un costo extra di 130 € oltre al Costo di spedizione.

IMPORTANTE I Costi di Trasporto calcolati automaticamente dal nostro sito e caricati sul valore dell'ordine, sono riferiti al trasporto in Italia. Potrebbero esserci dei Costi EXTRA per alcune Località e per i Paesi Esteri.  Per il Costo di spedizione, dobbiamo richiedere una quotazione in base al Vostro Codice Postale.

Se avete ordinato questo modello, Contattate il  +39 348 3887456 per sapere, sulla base del vostro CAP,  quali sono i costi esatti del trasporto.  L'Extra vi sarà richiesto con Collegamento PAY PAL  indirizzato alla vostra e-mail.  Qual'ora voleste cancellare l'ordine, contattate lo stesso numero e vi verrà effettuato il rimborso a Breve.



Per il Costo di spedizione, dobbiamo richiedere una quotazione in base al Vostro Codice Postale. Per la quotazione del trasporto potete contattare il +39 345 5055803.


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