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COFFEE BIKE REVIVAL is a tricycle with Alluminium  WORK  BENCH prepared for the itinerant sale of COFFEE or CAPPUCCINO or BREAKFAST.

It is very reminiscent of the Carts retro style of the 50's / 60's Years and It  is set up for  Itinerant Street Coffee Shop in Complete Authonomy for many hours, but can also be used for many ideas related to Street Food Truck.

The color of the front bench of this  COFFE BIKE STREET CART can be chosen and customized. These photos are only an Example with a neutral Color, but we can realize it in any color


It 'a bike for STREET COFFEE VENDING built with great attention to detail, and with very sophisticated plants (Gas LPG, Electricity and Batteries) and with many interior compartments,  branches  useful  to find accommodation of various equipment. Every small space has been exploited. This model of Workbench model Coffee Bike is different from the model for Street Food, because inside the Workbench there is a Stainless Steel Frame suitable for sustain the weight of the Coffee Machine and Grinder.  Otherwise there are double couple of Water Tanks, one couple for feed the Coffee Machine, and another for the Sink.

This Coffee Bike is ideal for stand in Office's areas or near Shopping areas, Train Stations.



This version is a Base version to be completed with other accessories and the Professional Coffee Machine that you prefer, that are OPTIONAL. On it is possible to mount a Professional  Electrical Coffee Machine, but only if you have a Plug 220V in your location. This because Electric Professional Coffee Machine have a big Consumption of energy and it is impossible to feed these with Battery. If you want to work in complete autonomy, the only solution is to use a Coffee Machine working with LPG GAS. This kind of machine is difficult to find, but we are able to supply it.

The Price of COFFEE BIKE REVIVAL BASIC Include These Accessories:

  • Tricycle NORDIK HEAVUY DUTY A90 XL with Front Rischaw Wheels 
  • Front Disc Brakes , Rear V- Brake and Gear Shimano Altus 7V
  • Button Handbrake for stationing Park
  • Canopy with awning that covers both the Tour that the operator pedaling. The series Canopy is in PVC Self-Extinguishing. It's possible in other material, but this change is OPTIONAL
  • WORKBENCH Made in Alloy Sheet painted in the color that you prefer with side doors. The Front Part is Curve. The Workplan is covered with Stainless Steel Sheet.
  • Compartment door bottle Gas LPG Plant and co Declaration Conformity for EU




  • Power System 220 V + Battery AGM Deep Cycle 12V 120Ah  and Inverter 220V 1 Kw and battery charger
  • 3 Industrial Plug 220V and Security Auto-Switch
  • Handwashing sink with electric pump to battery and two tanks, one for water and one for dirty water
  • LED lights beneath the awning

OPTIONAL that we can supply:

  • ITALIAN COFFEE MACHINE LA PAVONI with 2 LEVER Groups, working with LPG Gas ( 3.200 € + Vat)


  • COFFEE GRINDER working with the battery of tricycle ( 830 € + Vat)


  • PRO-FONDI, a device tha can wash automatically the Filterof the group.
  • FRIDGE and FREEZER that working with controlled temperaturebetween -20°C and +10°C with Battery also until 10 hours.
  • INSULATED BOX for Food, alternatively at Freezer or Fridge, if you don't need controlled temperature

For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.

For the cost of shipping, we require a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.


The same Workbench can easily be configured for :

  • Hot Chocolate
  • As a fruit bar or Macedonie
  • Itinerant Bar
  • Sale of ice cream or Yoghurt
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