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Ice Cream Cart OMAR 11 Flavors . It is BATTERY POWERED with AUTONOMY up to 8/10 hours depending from external Temperature and numbers of opening. It is designed to do really  Itinerant Activities, even on the streets of historic centers, often made in ancient stones or , where it is often necessary to cross the Tram Rails.

It's a very Light Ice Cream Cart. The front workbench has a weight of only 75 Kg, and it is very easy to ride. ( the Freezer is made in Fiberglass )

It is an ice cream cart that works with Lithium batteries, with long autonomy, unlike normal ice-cream carts that use very heavy Glycol freezers, or with eutectic plates, which don't have digital temperature control.




The OMAR Ice Cream Cart 11 Flavors  has the following features:


  • It is one of the Lighter Ice Cream Tricycles  on the market. The Freezer Box is internally Ventilated and is made in Fiberglass Insulated Sandwich with 7cm thick. All the load of the preparation weighs only 110 kg compared to an average wight of over 300 kg of other Freezer operating at glycol.
  •     The freezer is equipped with 2 high-quality Compressors (DANFOSS Americans) that works both  to 220V or 110V (useful feature if it were used in USA) or both with Batteries up to 8/10 Hours. If the outside temperature is not too high (eg 26 °), these can be used in ECONOMY function, using only 1 compressor. If the outside temperature is high, you can activate the second compressor. In this case it can perform the cold inside the Freezer. While the Ice Cream Cart Cargo Bike is connected to the mains, it keeps cool ice cream and recharges the batteries.


  • As OPTIONAL we can install a Lightweight Flexible Solar Panel above the awning, which keeps the lithium batteries charged, greatly increasing the autonomy, which can even reach 15 hours depending on the conditions of the Sun and outdoor temperature. (Extra price 450 € + VAT)


  • Without Solar Panel, Working with Batteries, It has an Authonomy of about 8/10 hours depending on the external temperature and the number of openings, with an outside temperature of 27 °.
  • A full charge takes about 8 hours. The batteries are recharged during the night while the tricycle Freezer work connected to the 220V / 110V Plug, keeping the  ice cream at the right temperature all night.
  • The Refrigerated Box has 11 holes with a lid, that can hold Eight  5 kg cylindrical stainless Buckets (OPTIONAL ) full of IceCream , so it can accommodate a total of 11 tubs.




  • The tricycle is built on mechanical bass  Tricycle  ATTILA Heavy Duty ( Click For Detail)  thought to make intensive use with continuous movement .
  • The temperature is adjustable  using a digital thermostats with display visible outside, as required by legislation of Sanity
  • The Ice Cream Cargo Bike OMAR 11 Flavors  has Handwashing sink with tank for Pure Water and gray waste water .
  • The tricycle is equipped with a roof, canopy in the  color that You can Choose. The roof can be lowered with the telescopic tubes.


  • Cargo Tricycle Bike mod. ATTILA Heavy Duty (Click  for Details)  with Muscular  Ride with Front Wheels for Motorcycles Made in Italy, with Stainless Steel Rims and spokes 3mm thick
  •  Disc Brakes  on 3 wheels
  • Brake levers with Handbrake for safe parking Button
  • For to be reliable it has nor a gear, but a Fixed gear with a short ratio, and it can ride also in reverse, that can be very usefuful
  • Freezer 11 Holes (Flavors)  to accommodate 11 Carapines (container for ice cream) (OPTIONAL)
  • Refrigeration system with 2 compressors DANFOSS Independent
  •  Electronic thermostat for adjustment up to -16 °
  • 11 Round steel lids for the 11Holes for Flavors
  • Handwashing sink with electric pump and 1 + 1 Tank Drinking Water Reservoir and 1 for Gray water recovery , both of the same capacity.
  • Awning with tubular structure and Canopy in  PVC Fireproof
  • Power system with both 220V / 110V  mains plug. and   batteries that allow a range of up to 8-10 hours of autonomy.
  • Wicker basket or box Wooden Fruit style on the Rear rack
  • Plexiglass Window  the Customer Side
  • Cones Box Container

Are not included in the price the  Cylindrical stainless steel Buckets, which are Optional



It can Ships Semi Assembled (Bike divided from the front  fridge, all packed on pallets of 150 x 150 x h.150

The Carapine ( stainless steel Cilyndrical Buckets (Container for Ice Cream) are OPTIONAL

For transport and shipping, we provide to separate the front Workbench from the bike and all is placed on a pallet 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operation, provides an extra cost of 130 € in addition to shipping costs.


IMPORTANT: Transport costs automatically calculated from our website and uploaded to the value of the order, refer to the transport in Italy. There may be EXTRA COSTS for some  District and for foreign countries. For the shipping cost, we have to ask for a quote based on your Zip Code.

If you have ordered this model, Please contact +39 348 3887456  for to Know exactly, how much are the exact costs of shipping
based on your zip codeThe Extra payment will be required to guests  by PAY PAL Link sent  to your e-mail.

But if you would like to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

Thank you





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