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HOT DOG CART  BIKE SPEEDY  is a tricycle ( Mod. Nordik Heavy Duty A90 ) with a Fiberglass Bench set up for street vending of  HOT DOGS and  DRINKS. It can also be used for so many other Street Food solutions. It's the Best Lucrative Solution based on  Simplicity, with High Return on Investment , it is very Light and can move quickly effortlessly , also without  Electric Kit for assisted pedaling. 


. It can be fitted  in various ways:

HOT DOG CART BIKE SPEEDY   consists of::

  •  Tricycle Mod. NORDIK HEAVY DUTY A90   with Shimano Gear 7V with Derailleur,, Front Disk Brake, Brake Levers with Parking Brake,. This is a Strong Mechanic Base thinked for working hard, ( Click on the next Photo for details)


  •  Fiberglass Work-Bench  SPEEDY already set up in a basic version for Hot Dog,  with :
  •  1 Positive  Fridge that works with 220V or with Butan gas (Cartridge like Camping). mantaining the internal temperature until -25° respect the external temperature ( for example from +30° until +5°) . Adding some Ice Gel Pack Cooled, You can increase the authonomy and save energy.


  • Chaffing Dishes in Water bath ( in which can stay 3 container Gastronorm)  to keep Warm the Hot Hot Dog and Krauti. This work with Alchool Cartdrige, without GAS. With this solution, you don't need a LPG Gas Bottle and the LPG Plant.( That is heavy)


  • 4 Side Doors with storage compartments
  •  Big Front Door with Grand Opening
  •  Handwashing Sink with tap and electric pump and tank Wastewater Gray
  • Electric Cabinet 220V 3 Kw Certified CE with 3 Socket , and protection
  • Big Umbrella, that you can close during trips. It is possible to ask as OPTIONAL, the Roof with Canopy..

The same Workbench can be easily configured for different types of Street Food by purchasing the machines needed to cook what you want


The same Workbench SPEEDY, prepared for cooking Hot Dogs,, with some optional, can be easily configured to:

  • Crepes or Pancakes, cooking these on the Stove with a pot
  •  Piadina
  • Fruit Bar or Macedonie
  • Hot Chocolate,using a Thermos or a Container on the Stove
  • Vin Broulleè using a Pot on a Stove
  •  Granite or Scratchy
  • Orange Juices made with a manual juicer
  •  Bar  or Beer Vending
  •  Sandwiches or Snaks
  •  Ice Cream and Yoghurt,
  •  Pancakes

To Change Type of Kitchen  You can just add some Optional Components.


  • - Complete Gas Plant  with  Declaration of Conformity
  • - Silenced Generator current  220V 2KW
  • - Gas Lpg Oven  with 2 Coocker
  • 1 Camping Stove functioning with gas cartridges, useful for cooking Crepes or Piadinas
  • - Gas Plate  for Cooking Crepes
  • - Little Oven WE-Grill for cooking meat and other Food without emission of smoke
  • - We have many other solutions for Street Food. Call +39 345 5055803


For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.

For the cost of shipping, we require a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.



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