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FUEL is a Super Fitted Street Food Trailer, for the main function of FRY Food and Hamburgher. With some minor modifications, it can be used for the sale of Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Crepes, Cocktail Bar, Fruit Bar, Brewery, etc. It has only been used for some events and its condition is LIKE NEW

The bodywork is in fiberglass and the Vintage image  recalls an old TEXACO petrol tanker. Its shape and colors immediately capture the attention and, thanks to its elegant aesthetic line, it will make it much easier to be invited to participate in both Private and Street Food Events.





The Streetfood Trailer is easily towable with a car and the frame on which it is fitted is a very sturdy ALKO chassis with 4 wheels for very high loads.




The fiberglass with which it is built has a large thickness and is easily washable. The work surfaces are also painted with food-safe Gel Coat and require far less cleaning work than stainless steel. Furthermore, the fiberglass is very light and very strong and easy to maintain in case of repairs.

FUEL STREETFOOD TRUCK has 4 large windows that can be opened on each side.




FUEL Street Food Truck is equipped with a very powerful LED Outdoor Lighting System (both White Lights and Colored Lights), which makes it visible even from a distance and attracts a lot of attention.

In Street Food Events it is considered like a Food Truck, so it is the most economical solution to participate in Events and Fairs. It can be towed with a vehicle of medium / large towable mass. The trailer trolley on which it is mounted is equipped with 4 wheels, so it allows you to make long trips without tiring the tires. Its nature is that of a True Mobile Store, but it can also be placed in a Fixed place and used throughout the season.





  •     Street Food Truck Semi Trailer New, used about 1 month only with Crepes and Churros and still smells new
  •     Registration June 2019, used only in some fair
  •     In the shape of a Texaco Vintage Gasoline Tanker, Great visual impact,
  •     ALKO 4-wheel frame
  •     Fiberglass shell in double mold
  •     Set up for the sale of Sweet or Savory Foods.
  •     Trailer is approved and has a weight of 13.5 quintals and has a length of 4.50 meters including the drawbar, the cabin is about 3.5 meters long and 2.20 meters wide.

The equipment is as follows:

  •     The Truck has 4 big opening windows on each side (which act as a canopy)
  •     3 very spacious internal worktops in food-grade fiberglass and easily washable
  •     The Trailer is already customized with Texaco Vintage Petrol Logos, with the FUEL logo.
  •      Certified LPG gas system with 4 independent cylinders of 10 kg each
  •     5.5 Kw Certified Electrical System, with Lifesaver and 12 internal 220V sockets, placed everywhere
  •     Battery System with 2KW Inverter to power the Freezer and Fridge during the Trips
  •     Lighting with internal LED lights and external LED strips both white and multicolored, to attract attention in the evening.
  •     Hand wash sink with electric pump and with BOYLER for hot water and pure water tanks and waste water recovery.
  •     2 Double Fryers (4 8 Lt Tanks) with LPG Gas
  •     1 Gas Grill Fry Top Plate, for cooking Hamburgers or Sausages or other
  •     3 Suction Hoods above each Cooking Machine
  •     2 Freezers and 2 Professional Fridges, which can also run on battery power during the journey, for several hours.
  •     50 Mt of professional Neoprene cable, with both 16 A and 32 A sockets.
  •      The presentation status is exactly as NEW. (NEGOTIABLE PRICE)

The Streetfood kiosc FUEL is a large  Street Food Trail  and is suitable for preparing the following settings for:

  •     Fryed Food  or Grill or Hamburger
  •     Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
  •     Ice cream and Granitas
  •     Churros Crepes and Waffles
  •     Cafeteria, Bar, Beverages
  •     Cocktail Bar
  •     Fruit Bar, Smoothies, Juices and Centrifuges
  •     Fried Chips


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