WAGON BIKE Long Cargo Bike L60 Work Bicycles


WAGON BIKE Long Cargo Bike L60 Work Bicycles

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The WAGON BIKE L60 is a Long Bicycle CARGO BIKE Long a little less than 3 meters, suitable for transporting parcels like Pony Express in  Historical centers City or as a vehicle for Home Delivery of pizzas or other products at home

It is more maneuverable and fast than a tricycle. The Handlebar controls the front wheel for steering through two bars

We have 2 Versions of Wagon Bike, one with a front Platform longer than the other.



This version ( the L60) , a little shorter than the L80, has the front  loader Platform  62 x 54 and can carry weights up to 80 Kg on the Front Platform. It has a 7 Speed gear and it is easy to ride, also at Full Load. Despite its length, it is easy to handle and it is sufficient to use it for a few minutes to become familiar with its driving style.



On the front Platform it is possible to put a Wooden Box or other Container, also insulated, for carry Hot Foods or Iced Foods. It's ideal for Home delivery of Pizzas or Supermarket Shopping.


WAGON_BIKE_CARGO_BIKE_LUNGA_CON_CASSONE_CONSEGNE_A_DOMICILIO_2_bAs Optional it can be equipped with  Electric Kit for pedal assistance and with a Personalized  Big Front Box.

It  is a Work  Bicycle  useful  to carry bulky parcels.

The Wagon Bike is also available in Version Electric Pedal assisted Kit (OPTIONAL)

  • We can apply an electric 250W ( OPTIONAL) . With this  Kit It can travel at 25 km / h and can very well replace a Scooter.
  • Its load capacity, if equipped with a Cassone, is even higher than that of a scooter.
  • The Wagon Bike assisted pedal (Optional) is the ideal solution to move fast in the city centers, without having to ask permission and without paying stamp and insurance.
  • Besides being a means that very curious, can be a great advertising tool.


  • Long bike (2.74 mt.) With very strong structure
  • Front wheel 20 " that steers with two arms controlled from the remote handlebar ,
  • Rear Wheel 26"
  • Load Plan front 62cm x 54
  • Capacity 80 Kg (Parcels heavier than the base for not turning up the Centre of Gravity)
  •  Front Disc Brake
  • Rear V-Brake
  • Gears 7 V

We Ship This Bike Partially Dismantled divided into 3 parts and contained in a carton box. The Assembly takes about 2/3 hours.

It can be Can Shipped also  Semi Mounted (call +39 345 5055803) divided into two parts on pallets of 120 x 120 with an extra expense for the cost of shipping


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