Ice Cream Cart VINTAGE 4+2 Flavors Battery 8 h


Ice Cream Cart VINTAGE 4+2 Flavors Battery 8 h

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The Ice Cream Bike  VINTAGE with 4 Flavors + 2  Reserves  Battery Powered  has the Front Work Bench coated with  wood treated that looks old Antique Wood in Style of the Northern European Countries


Watch the Video Presentation to Know the  Features:


The  VINTAGE Ice Cream Cart has the following features:

  • It is one of  Cheapest  Tricycle Ice Cream Cart   on the market.
  • The freezer can hold 4 CYlindrical Bucket + 2 reserves (6 tubs Total)
  • It has a battery Authonomy of approximately 8 hours when disconnected from the  220V Plug
  • The Cooling unit operates at 220V AC. and it is powered by a Battery Pack with Inverter from 24V to 220V
  • The tricycle is built on mechanical Base  Tricycle CYCLOPE A78  (with  Moto's wheels) and can make moves in complete autonomy for about 8 hours
  • The batteries are recharged overnight while the Freezer tricycle  work connected to the 220V Plug, keeping the ice cream at the right temperature all night.
  • The temperature is adjustable with a thermostat and is equipped with a digital external thermometer, as required by the regulations ASL


  • Tricycle Cargo Bike mod. CYCLOPE A78 with  Muscular Ride and  Front Wheels Moto
  • Weight about 250 Kg when Empty
  • Disc Brakes Front and Rear V-Brake
  • Brake levers with Hand Brake Button  for a safe parking
  • Gear Shimano Nexus Inter 3 Inserted in the hub Rear Wheel
  • Fridge 4 Holes to accommodate 6 tubs (OPTIONAL) (4 + 2 Flavors Reserve)
  • Cooling system (Running on AC 220V (to Alternating Current) with evaporator wrapped in bath
  • Electronic thermostat to control up to -26 °
  • Worktop coated with stainless steel as required by ASL
  • 4 steel Round covers
  • Handwashing sink with electric pump and tanks,   1 for Drinking Water Reservoir and 1 for Gray water recovery , both of the same capacity.
  • Awning with tubular structure and  PVC Canopy Fireproof You can Choose the color)
  • Power system is 220V with power plugin the Night, but. during the Day with Battery that can guarantee 8 Hours of complete authonomy from the Plug.
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours (with 28 ° external temperature) depending on the number of opening  of the Covers  and on  direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Wicker basket rack Rear
  • Plexiglass Windows as Protection on Customer side
  • Cones Holder

Are Excluded  the  Steel cylinders Buckest for contain the Ice Cream,  that are Optional

We Ships The Tricycle Semi Mounted (Bike  divided from the front  fridge, all packed on pallets 120 x 120 x h.150


There is version of  VINTAGE Ice Cream Cart  with 6 Flavors + 4 RESERVES (Holds in Total 10 tubs Cylindric Buckets). The Extra price is 250

Please, ASK for Cost of Shipping, because the Price that appear in this Shop is referred to ITALY, , but for Extra EU or other EU Country, there is an Extra Charge. Contact  +39 348 3887456 for more Information



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