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The TRICYCLE CARGO PALLET NORDIK Cargo Bike is a pedal van for those who have to carry out activities of ecological services and cleaning or maintenance of public areas, such as roads, squares, gardens. It is also useful as an INDUSTRIAL TRICYCLE to move equipment or things within industrial areas or large warehouses or squares. It is the Cassico Tricycle for Technical Assistants in charge of Maintenance




It is an Ecological work tool for Ecological Operators for the collection of garbage and with a low investment it is possible to offer an Adequate Service. This velocipede is also an excellent Department Tricycle for Maintenance Technicians in industrial areas, warehouses and industries, useful for transporting equipment or things.

The NORDIK Cargo Pallet Tricycle is a Sustainable Vehicle par excellence, and transmits to the public a message of great attention to the Green Economy from those who use it, in addition to lowering operating costs, having much lower operating costs than a forklift. and being much safer than a normal 2-wheeled ward bike.

It is possible to customize the sides with digitally printed panels in order to make it also an advertising tool (a specific quotation is required for this Extra)

The basic package includes:

  •     NORDIK BASIC TRICYCLE with V-Brake brakes on 3 wheels, Handbrake Button, Shimano 7 V gearbox
  •     Cargo Pallet 100 x 70 with skids under the base to be able to easily remove it from the tricycle


Ideal for Municipal Technical Office, Cooperative, Multiservice Companies , House Cleaning Services, gardening, maintenance, Community



Ideal for Municipal Technical Offices, Cooperatives, Multiservice Companies, Cleaning Companies, Gardening, Maintenance, Communities, Industries that have Maintenance Technicians who have to move with equipment in warehouses or floors of industrial areas



The Mechanical Base is the NORDIK BASIC 2.0 Tricycle, It is a very sturdy tricycle designed specifically for work use, in fact the frame tubes are increased (3mm thick instead of the usual 1.5mm), and has the joint of the bicycle barrel under the loading surface of enormous thickness, to make it rigid even on not perfectly smooth ground.


To make maintenance quick and easy, it is equipped with traditional V-Brake brakes on all 3 wheels (with handbrake lever for parking) and is fitted with wheels with a greater number of spokes, to increase the load capacity. The wheels are those of BMX bicycles, easily available from any bicycle mechanic. It has a 7-speed gearbox to make pedaling light even without an electric motor and at full load.


There is the possibility of adding the Electric Pedal Assist with motor in the axis of the Pedals (Optional) and a Windshield and Roof (Optional)

If you want to see the details of NORDIK BASIC 2.0 you can click on the following photo, which will take you to the technical data sheet of this model



For Transport and Shipping, we provide to separate the front bench by bike and the components are placed on a pallet of 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operations, costs an extra € 130 in addition to the cost of shipping.

For the cost of shipping, we require a quote based on your post code. For the price of transport please contact +39 345 5055803.





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