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TUCANO + SPEEDY BOX FIBERGLASS ( USED BUT LIKE NEW)   for Catering or Street Food. It is a  CARGO BIKE to be Prepared as itinerant Kiosk for Hot Dog, Crepes, Bar, Scratchy or Street Food Kitchen.

It is a CARGO BIKE equipped with an Electric Kit, Used only as a DEMO in a Fair, equipped with a Front BOX in Fiberglass (NEW) which can contain packages or other things, but which can be prepared and set up as a Walking Kiosk Hot Dog, Crepes , Bar, Grattachecca or Banco Street Food. These are offered in SUPER DISCOUNT and Savings 1,250 €


TUCANO + SPEEDY BOX  is a Tricycle TUCANO, with an Electric Kit Sunstar 250W   Lithium Battery 36v  11Ah ,  set up with a Front   fiberglass Workbench, suitable to be prepared for cooking and sale foods or Drinks. This tricycle is suitable to be used in Catering as:

     Workbench for  preparation of :

  • Crepes, as  Itinerant  Kiosk for Creperie,
  • Hot Dog, as itinerant Kiosk  with pedal for Sale Sandwiches, Hot-Dogs or other
  • Fridge for ice cream, you can put in a Fridge for Packaged Ice Cream,  but also  Ice Cream pre-packaged
  • Waffles
  •  Fruit Bar and possibly other appliances etc. for smoothies.
  • Granite and Scratchy, or Juices
  • Orange Juices
  • Pression Beer
  • Your imagination is the only limit to its possible uses.

This is only an Example how to set it up.:






And These are the measures of the Front Work Bench


The Tricycle comes with Fiberglass Bench  mounted, but  still to prepare it.. We are able to develop various types of equipment, but you will need to contact us to request a quote  according to your specific needs.


It Is Shipped Assembled with The Bike separated from Front Platform  to take up less space in transport. The whole is packed and put on a Pallets 100 x 120 cm x h 140

IMPORTANT:  Costs of Transport  are  calculated automatically from our website and Charged on Your Cart,  but are referred  to the transport inside Italy. There may be EXTRA costs for some  Location and Foreign Countries.

If you ordered this model, Please Contact +39 348 3887456 to ask Information and how much is the Extra Value, that is based on your ZIP CODE.  We need to Ask a Quotation for Communicate You How much is the exact costs of transport.  Is Possible to Pay the EXTRA  with PAY PAL.   We will send to You a PAY PAL LINK for the difference to your E-Mail.

If You prefer to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

Thank you


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