ROMA Heavy Duty 2021 Work Cargo Tricycle

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Tricycle Cargo Bike ROMA HEAVY DUTY 2021 is a Large Tricycle, with Low Front Floor for Work use with a capacity of 300 Kg,

It is an eco-sustainable vehicle par excellence, which makes your transport Green and is especially suitable as a robust mechanical base for fittings, such as:

  •     Itinerant Sale and as a Temporary Mobile Desk
  •     Base for Street Food set-ups with Heavy Machinery
  •     Base for setting up Ice Cream Carts
  •     Parcel transport for door-to-door home deliveries
  •     Transport Bins for Ecological Operators
  •     To move packs or pallets inside warehouses
  •     As a Department Tricycle to carry crates of Tools or other materials

The ROMA "HEAVY DUTY 2021 " Work Cargo Bike is the version with 3 oversized motorcycle wheels (both the front and rear wheels are for motorcycles) to support heavy loads, therefore ideal for a Street Food set-up. However, it is an easy tricycle to pedal because it is equipped with a 7-speed gearbox and a strong reduction ratio on the crown of the pedals. In the photo below you can see the prototype (which at the time of the photo was not finished yet)



This Work Bike has a very Large Front Floor (119 cm x 82) and is lowered to allow you to develop more volume in height and to be able to load for example refrigerated counters or work benches for Street Food etc.

The ROMA HEAVY DUTY 2021 Cargo Tricycle can be combined with the BIG FOOT Bench / Body in Fiberglass (Optional) on which it is possible to develop equipment for street food sales and also with a Tubular structure with awning (Optional)






It has a load capacity of 250 kg, and has 3 large wheels with 18 "rims and 3.00 motorcycle tires. The spokes are large with 3mm thickness and the central pin of the wheel is 20 mm. For real use. for work with heavy loads.

On all 3 wheels it mounts Disc Brakes with hydraulic motorcycle calipers, to have powerful braking even when fully loaded and on descents. The front and rear brake levers have a lever with a button for the parking handbrake.





Despite its size it is a light pedaling velocipede even at full load, because it has a gearbox with strong reduction to make pedaling light even at full load or on a slight slope (as long as it is not too steep).


Together with the frame, there is a very sturdy Parcel Rack that allows you to load up to 40 kg, since it has a high thickness and unloads the weight on the rear wheel which is oversized, as you can see in the photo.

On this work Cargo Bike you can mount the side protection tubes, or a canopy awning to protect the work bench and the operator from the sun and drizzle.



Front Wheels Rins 3.00", Spokes 3 mm, Tires 3.00/18
Rear Wheel Rin da 26", Spoke 2,5 mm, Tire 26"
Front Brake  Disc Brake
Rear Brake  V-Brake with ALTUS 7 with Derailleur
Gear Shimano ALTUS a 7 V with Derailleur
Brake Levers With Button for Parking Brake
Front Platform Sizes Width. 83 cm , Lenght. 119 cm.
External Sizes Width. 124cm x  Lenght 254cm,  h. 106 cm
Capacity in Kg 250 Kg on Plan Street without holes


WATCH THE DRIVE TEST OF Model ROMA (Old Version 2016)   with  GRANDMOTHER  BRUNA. The New Version is Better !!!!


It Is Shipped Assembled with The Bike separated from Front Platform  to take up less space in transport. The whole is packed and put on a Pallets 150 x 150 cm

IMPORTANT:  Costs of Transport  are  calculated automatically from our website and Charged on Your Cart,  but are referred  to the transport inside Italy. There may be EXTRA costs for some  Location and Foreign Countries.

If you ordered this model, Please Contact +39 348 3887456 to ask Information and how much is the Extra Value, that is based on your ZIP CODE.  We need to Ask a Quotation for Communicate You How much is the exact costs of transport.  Is Possible to Pay the EXTRA  with PAY PAL.   We will send to You a PAY PAL LINK for the difference to your E-Mail.

If You prefer to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

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Workbench BIG FOOT XL Fiberglass for StreetFood Workbench BIG FOOT XL Fiberglass for StreetFood
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