Monordik PUSH CART Stainless Steel


Monordik PUSH CART Stainless Steel

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MONORDIK STAINLESS STEEL, is a Base for to Prepare Street Food Push Carts or Ice Cream Push Carts.


It is built in stainless steel. It can be used to transport parcels in home deliveries, but above all as a BASE FOR STREET FOOD PUSH CARTS.  On the front platform, you can put a Box for holding things, or a Work Bench for Street Food or a Freezer for Ice Cream.

This Sturdy PUSH CART has the front platform of Width 74 cm and Length 100 cm. The load capacity is 200 Kg and is equipped with Parking Brakes.

Monordik Push Cart is ideal as a  base for
preparation (up to 200 kg) for:

Move fruit boxes to the Fruit Market
- Door to door flyer
- Shops Bars and Restaurants in Traffic Banned Areas that have to move  goods between store and warehouse
- Logistics in campsites, to move pressure washers or other equipment
- Cleaning companies
- Cleaning and Sweeping Roads or Park Maintenance
- Small Fridge Benches for Ice Cream
- Small Street Food Stands for Cooking Street Food
  - Tricycle Carry Bins for street cleaning.
- To transport a pressure washer or who knows what else. Free Space to your imagination.

MONORDIK PUSH CART  can be customized with a series of EXTRA accessories that are OPTIONAL: There are the options that you can add to this version ( NOT Included in the List Price Indicated):

SIDE PROTECTIONS IN TUBES, which are removable and serve to create a front cage to contain the load. They are very useful for those who want to set up this model as a Carry Bins . (OPTIONAL 130 € + VAT)

CARGO PALLETS Front Box, which can hold anything (OPTIONAL 170 € + VAT)

REAR SKATEBOARD .(OPTIONAL 400 € + VAT) It is designed to be connected with a special attachment to the PUSH CART. With this OPTIONAL, the push cart turns into a very comfortable CARGO SKATEBOARD SCOOTER for LOAD. With this optional it also becomes an ideal tool to intrigue people during Promotions or Launch of new products.



Can be  Shipped assembled with the  Bike part separate from the Front Platform,   to take up less space in transport. The whole is packed and put on a pallets 120 x 120.

You can also consider to assembly it and if you prefer, we can ship it in assembling Kit, all packed in a Cartoon 100cm x 100cm x 50cm  Heigt

IMPORTANT: Transport costs are automatically calculated from our website and are referred  to the transport in Italy. There may be Extra costs for some EXTRA District and for foreign countries.

If you ordered this model, Please contact +39 348 3887456 ,and we will comunicate  what are the exact costs of transportation
based on your zip code, . The Extra Cost can be required with a Link to PAY PAL  addressed to your e-mail. But on occasions you would like to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be made the refund to Short Time.

Thank you



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