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MIAMI Basic ICE CREAM PUSH CART  6 Flowers + 4 Reserve. This Ice Cream Push Cart  is an Economic Solution for Street Vending, and it is assembled on a Mechanic Base with Stainless Steel Frame,  and the Freezer can working only with Plug 220v. When it is not connected to 220v Plug, the authonomy is limited to 1 hour and it can make short trip around your Location.


A very curious feature of this push cart is that it has a  junction already predisposed, to which you can connect a Scooter Accessory, which transforms it into a Cargo Scooter suitable for small movements faster than simple push by hand. Obviously considering a flat course with a regular background.

This is the Imagine of the Skateboard to add to the Push Cart ( is OPTIONAL)


It is suitable as a tool to participate in events, exhibitions, or to stay in shopping centers, stations or public places, as long as a 220V power Plug is available or where a Silent Portable Generator is allowed, which we suggests a power of 2 kW.

You also can insert 2 Eutectic plates to increase the autonomy of 1-2 hours when it is not connected to the electric socket, but it is still a palliative solution.

It's the ideal solution if you want to create a mobile ice-cream selling point, outside in front of your shop, intriguing passers...


The Freezer on the bike is Ventilated  with 6 Round Lids, and can contain (inside  Baskets) 6 Stainless Steel Cylindrical Buckets  (that are OPTIONAL) + other 4 Buckets of Reserve. In total it can contain 50 kg of ice cream and can work from -10 ° C to -25 ° C.

The price includes:

 - Stainless Steel Push Cart with 2 Front wheels for bicycle, and 2 Pivot Wheels in Gum with Parking Brake. On the rear part of the push cart, there is a Junction for to connect a Scooter ( OPTIONAL ) for to move it pushing with leg, and to make fast moving on short distance, without efforts..
 - Umbrella to cover the Freezer and the Operator
 - Freezer working with 220v with 6 Holes  that can hold 10 Cylindrical Buckets of  7.5 Ltr each . (that are Optional)
 - Handwash sink applied on the side. For working, the sink needs to be connected to a tap in the location, with a water tube
 - Protective Plexiglass Showcase
 - Led strip for night lighting of the Bench

Are considered Optional:

     Stainless Steel Cylindrical Carapine
     Any graphic customizations

It can Ships Semi Assembled (Bike divided from the front  fridge, all packed on pallets of 150 x 150 x h.150

The 10 Carapine ( stainless steel Cilyndrical Buckets (Container for Ice Cream) are OPTIONAL

For transport and shipping, we provide to separate the front Workbench from the bike and all is placed on a pallet 150 cm x 150 cm. Then everything is packed and protected.

The packaging operation, provides an extra cost of 130 € in addition to shipping costs.


IMPORTANT: Transport costs automatically calculated from our website and uploaded to the value of the order, refer to the transport in Italy. There may be EXTRA COSTS for some  District and for foreign countries. For the shipping cost, we have to ask for a quote based on your Zip Code.

If you have ordered this model, Please contact +39 348 3887456  for to Know exactly, how much are the exact costs of shipping
based on your zip codeThe Extra payment will be required to guests  by PAY PAL Link sent  to your e-mail.

But if you would like to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

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