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DRINK BIKE VINTAGE, is a Tricycle set up for vending of Beverage, Drinks, Cans or Granitas. Is a Very symple preparation.


The front WorkBench is made on a Stainless Steel Frame covered with Vintage panels  ( Antique Wood Style ). The Work top Working Plane is covered in Stainless Steel. Inside the Work Bench  is housed a Big Insulated Box with Top Opening for loading foods. This Box can mantain many hours Food Frozen or Fresh, such as drinks,cans,  ice, fruit or Packed Ice Cream. Before going to the place where you work, you can fill it  with cold drinks and thanks to Frozen plates, it will keep the contents in cold temperature for many hours.

You can also sell packaged ice cream or ice palettes, but you must enter inside plates or bags of frozen Eutectic Gel frozen before at -20° / -25 °.

For mantain Packed Ice Cream you can also put inside a portion of Dry Ice ( at -75°C)
In this way you will have an autonomy of several hours depending on the outside temperature and the number of openings.

It  is the most simple and economic solution for itinerant sale of:


  •     Beverage cans or bottles (if stored at temperatures above 0)
  •     Packaged ice creams
  •     industrial ice cream
  •     icicles
  •     Granite and Scratchy
  •     packaged in shorts fruit (if stored at temperatures above 0)
  •     Packaged bakery (if stored at temperatures above 0)
  •     Plastic containers with ready meals type of rice salads or portions of various foods.


Are included in the price:

  •  The Tricycle NORDIK HEAVY DUTY ( Click for Details)  with Front Disc brakes and Rear V-Brake, Button on Levers Brakes for parking Brakes on 3 Wheels, Rear Gear with Derailleur Shimano 7V


  •      Roof with Canopy that you can a choice the color of awning
  •      Front  Work Bench with a Stainless Steel Frame covered with Vintage panels that simulate the Ancient Wood, with large front Door. The Top Work Plan is covered with Stainless Steel Sheet
  •      120 Lt. Insulated BOX in Poletilene foam inserted into the Front Bench (See photo above).
  •      Lighting system with strip LED  that work with rechargeable battery, illuminating the Bench even if you work in the evening.
  •      Rear rack with litter bin or Straw Satchel Box Wooden Fruit type




  • Removable Shelf  Between the Handlebar and Seat, that extends the Top lengthening of the Work Bench is OPTIONAL and has a price of  240 € + Vat
  • The Front Shelf Foldable like Compass coated in Stainless Steel, is OPTIONAL and has a price of  150 € + Vat

The tricycle is sent packed on a pallet of 120 cm x 120 separating the front Part  ( the Freezer) from the bicycle part, and with the roof removed and disassembled. Then all is combined on a single pallet. The operation to assemble the 3 parts is simple and requires no more than one hour.

In case of order, please contact +39 345 5055803  to check the cost of shipping, which depending on distance may have an additional cost.

For overseas Country there is an extra charge for transport

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