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Wooden Workbench as Base Component for to assemble "Do It Yourself "a Street Food Truck on Bike or Tricycle. Good for Model NORDIK HD or ATTILA HD.

It is built in solid wood larch axes, treated with transparent protective paints, and is deliberately raw and imperfect in its construction. It Fascinates wood lovers, and its "Natural Look" and its honey color, can very well combined with food products based on bread, buns, cheese, fruit, etc. Raw Wood is the most Natural material that exist.

This Street Food Wooden Bench can be combined with the NORDIK HD Model Tricycle (if the set up and the machinery are light) or the ATTILA HD model (if the set up and the machinery are heavy).

It is also possible set up it as a push cart, without combining it with a tricycle, but placing it on a push frame with pivoting wheels, which we can supply.

If you want to build a Bicycle Street Food Truck, this component is the solution suitable for the following types of itinerant sales, like:

    - Itinerant Drink Bike or Fruit Bike (selling of fruit salad or Fresh Fruit)
Granita Bike or Grattachecca or Hawaian Shave Ice or Fruit Juice
- Preparation of Crepes or Waffel
- Sale of Sandwiches or Focaccia or Piadinas
Sale of packaged food products
Coffee Bike or Sale of Chocolate or Vin Broulè
- Various Tastings or promotion of products
- Itinerant fryer, although in this case, we recommend an aluminum bench instead wooden made
- With oven to heat various food or with gas stove
- Beer Bike to sell Beers or other drinks
It is however also suitable for the viewing of gadgets or other non-food products

The Workbench complies with the regulations of the Local Health Authority (ASL). It's a perfect solution for those who want to save on investment, and prepare DIY (Do it Yourself) a small Street Food Truck on a 3-wheel bicycle. You can have a base already partially prepared, on which you can install the machines yourself.


The Street Food Workbench Hawai is deliberately built in a rustic way, with natural and imperfect Larch wood planks, but treated with Protective Flatting. The upper shelf and the lowered worktop on the operator side, are covered in stainless steel foil, suitable for food use and easily washable in compliance with the Hygienic Food Regulations.


In the lowered side opening on the operator side, you can insert various machines, such as Manual Machine for Granite, Citrus Juicer or a Grill or Crepes Plate or a little oven with Stove, or other machinery (which are always OPTIONAL or that you can buy anywhere).

The space in which to insert the machinery is large (100 cm wide and 47 cm deep) and is located about 80 cm from the ground to maintain the top of a machine (fryer or plates) at a height of 100 cm from the ground, as required by the Sanity Authority.

If you want to have the worktop 100 cm from the ground, there is a shelf, always covered in stainless steel, that increase the workplan of about 20 cm.


The sink is made of stainless steel with a tap that works with a battery-powered electric pump and with 2 tanks of 10 liters (1 for clean water and 1 to recover the dirty water)


It is equipped with a Plexiglass Showcase on the Customer side, to comply with the hygiene standards

The Bench has a side door in wood to access an internal technical compartment and a Big front door to store inside  also insulated boxes for food or drinks.



There is a space in which you can insert a Freezer / Frigo WAECO 40 lt (which is Optional) and a space in the technical compartment to insert a battery system necessary to power the Freezer for about 8/10 hours


It has a reclining front shelf / table that extends the Workbench on which customers can rest.


The above price includes:

Bench in Larch axes already assembled and painted with transparent protective, with the operator side lowered to insert the machinery (OPTIONAL)
- Covering in stainless steel sheet on the whole upper part and on the lowered part, where to insert the machinery
- Hand-washing sink in stainless steel, with battery-operated electric tap and 2 10-liter tanks, one for drinking water and the other for dirty water recovery.
- A large front door and a side door to access an interior compartment
- Tank Door with Air Grills, in which to place a 5Kg gas bottle, which if connected to only one machine, does not require certification, but only a certified pipe and not expired
Front Table / Shelf , reclining with compass supports, to lengthen the bench about 30cm and give support to customers
- Certified CE EU Electrical Panel with 3KW 220V (thermal and differential Protection), with 3 industrial sockets and with Shuko reduction for normal small appliances.
- 10 meters of cable to connect the Bench to an industrial 220V socket
- Sparking Windows in Mineral Glass, removable
- The upper surface covered in stainless steel, is already prepared to insert from above and embed a 40litre WAECO CFX40 Refrigerator / Freezer, which can act as a Freezer or Fridge, with controlled temperature from -20 ° C to + 10 ° C. Just unscrew a cover that covers the top opening. Inside the bench a support plane is already ready to support the Freezer base and keep it at the right height with the upper door at the height of the worktop

We can provide the following OPTIONALS, to be purchased separately (and which you can see in the suggestions below:



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