3C TAXI PEDICAB Electric Assisted

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  • The Bodi, is light and made in Painted Alloy Sheet. The sides are wide and adapt for big Promotion Writes or Logos.


  • The bike is equipped with a Pedelec System Electric Pedal Assisted  (250W) which acts directly on the axis of the pedals, using the strong gear ratio. It has not a Gear with many speed, because we preferred to put a Fixed Gear, with a stronger and more reliable Trasmission with Fixed ratio. The normal Gear can broken under Heavy Duty work.



  • The Trici-Taxi, having the Front Seat Passenger (and not behind as the traditional Rickshaw ), gives the benefit of being able to "get on" Passengers on the seat with ease. It make it easy even for the Elderly or the Disabled; They can enter and exit the CicloTaxi Pedicab effortlessly and without the risk of slipping or losing balance.


  • TheFrame of this pedicab is very robust, and made in Squared tubes viith big thick. The 3 Wheels are made with Big Hub and stainless steel Rins, with big spokes ( 3mm thick). There is a Canopy in PVC that can protect Passanger and operator from sun or Rain. Are available sides in Trasparent PVC for protect the passanger from wing and rain ( ARE OPTIONAL)


  • For moving parts, we used  high quality Industrial bearings  and larger measures than necessary, to ensure robustness and reliability.
  •  This electric pedicab  is Suitable for Uses like:
    • Cargo Bike to carry  Elderly or Disabled, both as  private or supplied to NPO or nursing homes or community
    • How Cycle Taxi to transport People
    •  As a vehicle to organize in Fleet Tourist Excursions in Group
    •  As a vehicle  to hire as Rickshaw for Tourists in Location for Holidays
    •  As Advertising  Bike  to promote events or products (was also used by Vodafone). This is ideal for attracting attention
    •  As a support to organizing events for Discos or Other Locations in the streets of downtown
    •  As a tool to bring people in the Parks


Front Wheels Motorbike Rins Stainless Steel, Spokes 3mm, Tires 3.00/18
Rear Wheel Motorbike Rin Stainless Steel, Spokes 3mm, Tires 3.00/18
Front Brakes Disc Brakes
Rear Brake Disc Brake
Gear Fixed Gear
Brake Levers With Button for Parking Brake for Stationning
Front Platform's Dimension Including Seat Width. 84 cm , Lenght 120 cm.
External Dimension Width 127 cm ,  Lenght 260 cm
Weight Capacity 350 Kg on Normal Regular Floor


It Is Shipped Assembled with The Bike separated from Front Platform  to take up less space in transport. The whole is packed and put on a Pallets 150 x 150 cm x Heigt  160

IMPORTANT:  Costs of Transport  are  calculated automatically from our website and Charged on Your Cart,  but are referred  to the transport inside Italy. There may be EXTRA costs for some  Location and Foreign Countries.

If you ordered this model, Please Contact +39 348 3887456 to ask Information and how much is the Extra Value, that is based on your ZIP CODE.  We need to Ask a Quotation for Communicate You How much is the exact costs of transport.  Is Possible to Pay the EXTRA  with PAY PAL.   We will send to You a PAY PAL LINK for the difference to your E-Mail.

If You prefer to cancel your order, please contact the same number and you will be  refund in Short time.

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